Perimeter: pictures and comments

The development of the first terraforming strategy Perimeter enters the stage of alpha-version. At the present time we we are through with all missions, the game has fully operational single mode with render video, functional battle mode against AI and multiplayer. And there is still a lot of work to do before release.

Those who are going to meet the spring Perimeter release armed at all points should study two interactive screenshots which demonstrate heavy Bombers and light bomb units attacking the base. Simply click on the object or any area of the screenshot to get comments.


New Perimeter gameplay trailer that made its debut at E3 this year is available for download. Donít miss your chance to see Perimeter in action.


Check out new Perimeter screenshots in Gallery section of our website.


Check out new Perimeter sketches in Gallery section of our website.


Check out E3 2002 Perimeter movie here.


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