"Russian RTS stuns with beauty and innovation. We Want Inside this Perimeter." — Preview by pc.ign.com

"Perimeter looks like no other RTS we've seen", "A very impressive and intriguing-looking game" — Preview by pcgameplay.co.uk

"Perimeter is beautiful and has the potential to break RTS ground" — Preview by frictionlessinsight.com

"Perimeter takes the real-time strategy genre, infuses it with a wealth of novel concepts, and wraps it all up in a great-looking graphical package" — Preview by gamerstemple.com

"I suggest people keep an eye out for this title as it will be a sleeper hit, and I am sure many of these ideas will be seen in future games" — Preview by techradioshow.com

"What sets this title apart from its competition is an engine that's capable of over 1 million polygons per frame, allowing it to draw a changing landscape fluidly." — Preview by pcmag.com

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