Discovery of Psychosphere.

After the Spirits became recognized in the society as pioneers in many fields, they came out with a new amazing discovery - subspace worlds one could penetrate with the help of special Corridors. The construction of Corridors was resource consuming but possible. As the planet was most likely overpopulated a rapid Development of new land started.

It turned out that reality did not only consist of constellations we see in a telescope. There is another subspace dimension filled with strange formations - small isolated worlds. The whole structure looks like foam made up of many bubbles-worlds. This is where the slang name "sponge" comes from, that was diffused in the proscientific environment. The discovery had an immense practical importance as people could move to the subspace and stay there as long as they wished. The unique peculiarity of these worlds is the dependence between their form, structure and history of homo sapiens on the Earth. It turned out that this space has absorbed all the important events, ideas, fears and emotional experiences that have ever ruled masses or single personalities all along the history of mankind. Each "bubble" in its forms and landscapes brought into life intricate historical episodes, emotional experiences or the aspirations of the masses. That is why some scientists named the system of bubble worlds Psychosphere of the Earth.

Note: Corridors are constructions providing substance exchange between two stable cavities of the matter (the Earth pertains to them as well). The construction of a Corridor is considerably resource consuming and includes two stages. At the first stage named "puncture" a module is built and a non-permanent connection with another bubble world is made. The bubble world sends a special "return group", an expedition that is responsible for quick research of a world discovered and installation of a return module that winds up the second stage ("return") and makes the Corridor a fully functional two-way tunnel between the worlds. The functioning of Corridors has a number of peculiarities. After construction of a Corridor its channel still remains functional for a long time. But as objects move along the Corridor, it gradually "discharges". After being used for a long time it becomes not working. To renew the Corridor's functioning it's necessary to employ new energy resources to charge the channel. These resources are pretty consuming, although they cannot be compared with the amount of energy needed to "puncture" a new Corridor. "Charging" is a merely technical operation, which does not demand engagement of the Spirits. Other peculiarity of the functioning of some Corridors is the seasonal dependence, which most likely has to do with the drift of worlds.

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Discovery of Psychosphere.

Scum and Psychosphere's Reaction.

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