Scum and Psychosphere's Reaction.

Psychosphere was in the limelight just like space flights in mid 20th century, but it had a few side effects. People encountered what was later called Psychosphere's Reaction. While natural landscapes of "bubble" worlds were formed under the long-lasting impact of the population of the Earth, the very presence of human beings in these worlds led to the secondary forming of these spaces which had a much more dynamic character. Right in front of the eyes of researchers their subconscious images were materialized and many of those images threatened their lives.

A concrete form of the Reaction and its intensity depended on the given individual. That is, if a person is malicious, so is Psychosphere's reaction: all the bad a person had inside him came to light. Thus a person could see his own self in the Psychosphere. And as most people are malicious and unhappy, it's easy to imagine Psychosphere's Reaction. It undertook various forms from harmless plants to disgusting monsters. Physically they had nothing to do with the mind or live substance as we know it and that's what made them even more dangerous...

Thus on the one hand Psychosphere threatened human life and mind and on the other hand it was quickly filled with scum of society. There were even several cases of isolation when people getting an idea they were gods and prophets destroyed the Corridor in ecstasy and stayed all alone with their personal hell. Some states even managed to set up prisons on the new territories one could hardly escape from. Among those prisoners who survived there was a huge amount of those who went crazy because of seeing their own subconsciousness.

Very soon mass media named this expansion of the humans' activity as scum-space, and for many people this accumulation of new worlds around the Earth came to be associated with "scum" absorbing the worst of the civilization. Many were afraid to plunge into Scum and see their essence there, but the new environment was also fascinating for many.

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Scum and Psychosphere's Reaction.

Body transformers. Scum infection.

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