Body transformers. Scum infection.

One of the after-effects of the full decoding of human gene that happened with the help of the Spirits was a rapid development of means to change the human body that actually remained unchanged all along the history of human civilization. This process was named body transforming. Thus an opportunity to give the human body a different form appeared. As any new thing it was strongly criticized first, but humans could not let go such a unique opportunity for change and self-expression. Gradually society split into bodytransformers and naturals. The former went for changing their bodies that sometimes took ugly forms. As a rule all those changes were aimed only at discovering new pleasure opportunities: new genitals, new gustatory receptors, new pleasure centers. Naturally, for many people body forming was unacceptable in any form, but those were mostly religious people. The Earth became natural hell for them. Many thought Apocalypse came...

Meanwhile the whole situation with the Psychosphere suddenly went out of control. The nearest well-explored worlds brought a really unpleasant surprise. The outcome of Psychosphere's Reaction, which used to be decomposed on Earth in a few seconds, was suddenly found in huge numbers far from the Corridors. Corridors support staff in the nearest scum-worlds started to mutate quickly. The participants of long-distance expeditions came across extremely strange things - like scenes from horror films. Changes in the biosphere of the Earth happened. Flora and fauna that used to be harmless suddenly became dangerous and aggressive. Just like forest fire terrible infectious diseases started spreading, and there was no way for the medicine to cure them.

Scientists thus came to a conclusion that scum-space reacts to the human intrusion, and the consequences of such an intrusion are fatal and totally unpredictable. The Spirits urgently declared that they would shortly develop a number of measures to prevent such incidents and regulate Development of new territories. There was no reason not to believe them, but tragic events spoke for themselves. The land around the Corridors began to quickly obtain forms and characteristics typical of scum-worlds: phantasmagoric landscapes formed up by cliffs, colorful dunes, migrating marshes, flesh trees, etc. The scum-infected zone was becoming larger and larger.

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Body transformers. Scum infection.

The Great Corridor Crisis. Fugitives.

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