The Great Corridor Crisis. Fugitives.

Meanwhile new branches of science and technology dealing with sponge-space were developing quickly. There was theoretical proof that via sponge-space it was possible to travel through space abysses separating different galaxies. More than that, after the analysis of the surrounding subspace structure it was assumed that it is possible to exit the Corridor and step on a planet that can be populated. The planet, located in the same physical reality as the Earth, but separated from it by thousands of light years. This fact aroused enthusiasm as it opened great prospects and was a solution to many problems.

Thus all the necessary prerequisites were made for creation of Exodus Movement: the way (the massif of Psychosphere worlds), the objective (Holy Land, to which the Corridor leads from one of scum-bubbles and which has to be discovered) and the reason to leave home (fear of losing human appearance, scum-infection, mere dissatisfaction with the current state of things and love for venture). The movement was gaining ground rapidly, its core being made up of passionary forces of the Earth, not willing to reconcile with the self-destruction of their biological species. The Spirits took active part in this movement and supported it by their authority and numerous actions.

The reason for Exodus' departure was the Great Corridor Crisis. By that time around the Earth there was a sponge-infrastructure, making up a few dozens of more or less explored worlds allotted for research polygons, prisons, "bubble states" and other results of the Development. Aggression of the scum-space towards people was increasing and was finally directed on the Earth. Multiple reports on the aftermath of the scum infection were flooding to the government, and public opinion finally made the Earth destroy all the Corridors within 24 hours. Everybody was panic-stricken.

Exodus Movement mobilized its forces to withdraw as more of its members as possible to start a large-scale operation. Many were facing the prospect of leaving the Earth forever. And the decision was to be made within just a few hours. As a result half a million of the desperate left the Earth, not willing to have anything in common with biological renegades.

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The Great Corridor Crisis. Fugitives.

The first years. Technologies of Survival.

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