The first years. Technologies of Survival.

Those who believed in Exodus' concepts could never return to their home planet. On the neighboring sponge-worlds there were a lot of adherents of Exodus' ideas, and some migrants were not aware of the crisis and were just abandoned. A group of several thousands of people scattered in the Earth-adjacent worlds were left face to face with the horrible Scum. Corridors to the Earth now looked like huge monuments to the Earth civilization, just useless constructions through which people came from their home world to die here and never see the sunlight again.

The first years were spent on the mobilization of all the resources left and on the preparation of a trip into Psychosphere to find the lost world where everybody could be happy. All prisons were opened and the prisoners were offered to join Exodists. Thus at initial stage Exodus embraced different people from religious leaders to criminals, brought together by the fate's will.

Still on the Earth Exodists cherished the idea of the Movement being composed of "pure" individuals capable of fully controlling the Scum and restraining destructive aggressive Reaction. Those people regarded Psychosphere as a Purgatory, which can only admit a "pure" being that can finally go to "paradise". Actually the new Movement took the basic ideas of Christianity as a base and developed a new religious foundation: the way for the pure to paradise, Exodus via Psychosphere.

The key point in Exodus was Corridors linking sponge-worlds. Construction of a Corridor demanded a number of joined efforts and resources. The most important part of "puncturing" were Spirits, who due to their exceptional gifts could find new scum-worlds and tune up complex equipment for "bearing" and "puncture". It was common knowledge that a few Spirits took part in the Exodus. As a rule they did not interfere in the general management and tried to stay inconspicuous.

Energy was the second important precondition for successful "drilling" of the sponge-space. Great amounts of energy were vital for the launching of Corridors. Energy was also vital for the survival of human beings. So a powerful resource was badly needed. Fortunately, scientific labs operating in Psychosphere and containing the necessary research results went into the hands of Exodists. Though scientists could not grasp the nature of Sponge up to the end, they managed to derive benefit from some peculiarities of these worlds. The starting point was the discovery of the so-called "zeroplast": every bubble world had a foundation constant, and if the scum-substance was distributed properly, energy potential appeared. The larger the surface was, the more energy could be obtained from it. That is why the scientists called these worlds "flat" as opposed to the rounded Earth.

Besides, Exodus leaders had been preparing for such an experiment for several years collecting the necessary technologies. They took some from the Earth and some were adjusted later. First and foremost this concerned nanotechnologies and force fields: the former were borrowed from the military and the latter were used in prisons by that time (protective cupolas - barriers) and in flyable vehicles.

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The first years. Technologies of Survival.

Frames. Personality Elimination. Organism.

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