Frames. Personality Elimination. Organism.

But technology of survival was not the only thing needed. It was important to inspire the crowd to move into Scum in search for a New Land. No one knew how much time that could take and what obstacles the expedition could encounter. Spirits did not answer these questions, but made it clear that the expedition could take much time. There was no other way out.

Exodus needed powerful ideological foundation so that it didn't collapse right in the beginning of the expedition. It was clear for the Spirits and intellectual leaders that it was no use moving out without establishing authoritarian power. All utopian dreams of unforgettable adventures and "an expedition to the unknown with those sharing the same ideas" were lost in blood during the first years of brutal terror of activist Exodists. In the long run Exodus ideologists accepted recommendations of the Spirits on organizing the expedition...

All human resources were engaged in the preparation of the expedition to Sponge. Technological components were already selected, now it was necessary to think of travel accommodation for the migrants. Ten huge movable cities - Frames - were built. Each Frame could host up to one hundred thousand of migrants. Frames had solid bodies and could go along the Corridors.

All technical preparations were finally over; five Scum- worlds were discovered and taken the bearing of. So it was time for one of the most tragic moments in human history: Personality Elimination. A million of the first Exodists lost their names, life story and other rights and characteristics. Every human being was ascribed to a certain Frame and declared a cell of the Exodus body. The most important task was elimination of personality and all memories of the Earth, as this was the only way to take physical and psychological control over a huge number of people and weaken Psychosphere's Reaction.

The new religion was named Organism. Constant overall tests of each human being revealed deflections that were cured in psy-clinics. Malignant "cells" were frozen: each Frame had a freezing section where the material was stored with the promise of a new life on the Holy Land. But it was dangerous to put all humans into trance as brain control was lost and horrible types of Reaction appeared, bringing nightmares. Each Frame exerted powerful influence on the Scum-world and its safety directly depended on how "clean" it was. A complicated system of the mind control measures allowed minimizing the influence of humans on Psychosphere and keeping Reaction on a safe level. That's why humans tried not to keep more than two Frames, as otherwise one could expect the outburst of the Filth activity (this is how Psychosphere's Reaction was called now).

Genetic programs of reproduction were worked out which were supposed to preserve a person as a biological species of full value for a period of hundred thousands of years. Having a family was out of the question, reproduction followed strict rules; partners were selected according to mathematical calculations. From time to time cell groups were exchanged between the Frames. Every single thing was done to suppress dissatisfaction during the journey and secure soul purification. As the Purgatory - the great Chain of Worlds - could only let through Exodus, derived of human vices.

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Discovery of Psychosphere.

Scum and Psychosphere's Reaction.

Body transformers. Scum infection.

The Great Corridor Crisis. Fugitives.

The first years. Technologies of Survival.

Frames. Personality Elimination. Organism.

The Beginning of Exodus.

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